WARSAW VILLAGE BAND ("trans-minimal roots")


The Warsaw Village Band with 7 bandmembers (voice, dulcimer, violin, viola, suka, hurdy-gurdy, frame drum, big drum, bass and trumpet) is a symbol of young, intelligent Eastern European music which combines tradition with modern elements and is capable of eliciting enthusiastic responses from rock audiences and traditionalists alike.

The New York Times once referred to them as one of the most important bands on the World music stage comprising "the sound of globalization!".

2004 the band received the "BBC WORLD MUSIC AWARD, The Warsaw Village Band´s newest album "Sun Celebration" was awarded with the Polish Grammy, the Fryderyk Award 2016 "Album of the year - for roots music, it became top no. 2 of the World Music Charts Europe, WMCE 2/17.

Their 7th album "Sun Celebration" exalts in the spiritual brotherhood that crosses religious and ethnic boundaries which are elevated in these restless times and that Warsaw Village Band have experienced on their travels. It features world famous guests from India, Persia & Spanish Galicia.

In the spring of 2017, the band toured Australia and New Zealand and played at WOMAD and WOMADelaide Festival, among others. The band performed at UK radio BBC3 and summer festivals in Poland, Germany, Spain and France. The album "Sun Celebration" was recorded with guest musicians from Galicia, India and Persia. In February 2017, it reached #2 on the World Music Charts Europe. A fitting gift for the 20th anniversary on stage, followed by performances in Poland, including in November with renowned guest musician Bill Laswell. 

The 2018 anniversary album "Mazovien Roots Re:action" earned very good reviews and was presented live in Hungary, Italy, Poland, England, as well as at the Jazzahead Fair as the opening concert at the Bremen Theater in Germany.

"The Warsaw Village Band has presented one of the most beautiful world music albums of the year, which should please folk purists as well as open-minded pop music fans." Bavarian Radio Album Tip

In 2019, they successfully toured England, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

Despite or perhaps because of Covid19, the band will release their latest album "Waterduction" in Poland in November 2020 and in Europe in spring 2021.

WWaterduction" - It seduced us. The water of the river, the well, the rain, the dew, the mist and the tears. We are all equal to the water. Once again the band explores Mazovia. This time they have left the land behind and let themselves be carried away by the current of the river, which makes them explore new cultures. So now they are inspired not only by the Vistula itself, but also by Urzecze, an ethnographic micro-region near Warsaw that stretches between both banks of the Vistula.


Magdalena Sobczak
Dulcimer (Hackbrett), vocals

Sylwia Swiatkowska
Violin, viola, suka, vocals

Ewa Walecka
Violin, hurdy-gurdy, vocals

Maciej Szaijkowski
Frame drum, percussion

Piotr Glinski
Big drum, percussions

Pawel Mazurczak
Double bass

Milsoz Gawrylkiewicz
Trumpet, flugelhorn


Also available "live-projects":
Warsaw Village Band & Mercedes Peón
Warsaw Village Band & Dhoad Ensemble

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